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The Project


On September 17, 2015, Geoscience BC announced a project that explores geothermal energy opportunities for communities in BC.

The project results were published on June 27, 2016.

During August to December 2016, a follow-up project was completed corresponding with communities that have expressed an interest in learning more.

The results of the follow-up process was completed December 2016.

Why Direct-use Geothermal?

"Direct-use geothermal energy resources are significantly underutilized in BC," said Carlos Salas, Vice President, Energy, at Geoscience BC.


"From this study we found there was a considerable lack of understanding at the community level about the range of direct-use geothermal applications and the necessary steps required to develop local geothermal resources.


The Direct-Use Geothermal Roadmap provides useful information needed by communities to assist them in evaluating, planning and pursuing geothermal projects."

Geothermal Direct-use Applications include:

Heating/Cooling for residential, commercial and industrial processes

Hot Springs, Spas, Swimming Pools, Balnealogy




Aquaculture, Fish Farming

Fruit and Vegetable Drying

Soil Heating

Snow Melting

Pulp & Paper Mill

Lumber Drying

Electricity Generation (in-direct use)

Section A
Project Summary
Section B
Direct-use Geothermal
Resources in BC


The report was published by:


Tuya Terra Geo Corp. (TTGeo)



Geothermal Management Compancy (GMC) Inc.


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